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  Name Tag Sundays: FIRST Sunday of each month
       Emmanuel Dining Room
       Food Closet
       Family Promise
       Comfort Shawl Ministry
       Fellowship Committee
       Habitat for Humanity
       Meeting Ground
       Men's and Women's Ministries 
       Sharing and Caring
       Church World Services
       Limestone Lady Crafters     

Sign-up sheets for volunteers are available in the hallway across from the Kitchenette.
Sign-up now to: 
   Donate Sanctuary Flowers
   Be a Greeter 
   Bake cookies for Emmanuel Dining Room
   Cook a turkey for Emmanuel Dining Room 
   Serve at Emmanuel Dining Room. 
Volunteers also needed to: 
   Stuff bulletins on Friday mornings
   Collate Chronicles before mailing 
   Do other office jobs. 
Call the office (302.994.5646) and let them know if you’d like to help with these jobs.
  Comfort Shawl Ministry (4th Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm)
Shawls and Lap Blankets: The ladies have knitted 900 to date. The shawls and lap blankets are sent, upon request, to people who are grieving; who have had chemo, surgery, or other serious illnesses; or who just need comfort.
Baby Cap Ministry: The ladies also knitted 1,800 baby caps since August 2008. The baby caps are sent to a 
maternity clinic and birthing center in Haiti and to Presbyterian mission hospitals around the world through Church World Service and Project Cure.
  Food Closet Donations: 
Check expiration dates. Donate ONLY non-expired items.
  Meeting Ground Can Donations:
Bring empty, rinsed out, aluminum cans to Narthex (Sundays) or to labeled container outside kitchen downstairs. Do NOT put anything but cans in this box. It is not a trash or recycling bin. Thank you.
  Sanctuary Flowers Needed
There are a few open spaces for Sunday flowers on the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. The flowers are $30.00 and payment is requested at time of sign-up. On Sunday afternoons the flowers are delivered to church members and friends who are hospitalized or homebound. 
  Needed: Volunteers & Bakers for Emmanuel Dining Room
We serve the 24th of each month and we need volunteers. Two volunteers are needed each month to bake 4 batches of cookies (approximately 24 dozen). Recipe, ingredients, and tins are provided and three to four weeks are given to complete the baking. We also need volunteers to cook turkeys, help prepare a meal and serve a meal. To help, contact the office (302.994.5646) or sign up in the Narthex hallway.
  Needed: Road to Recovery Drivers
Road to Recovery helps those who need transportation to their cancer treatments. If you would like to become 
part of our team or know a friend who is looking for some volunteer activity please email Mary. Drivers 
from all over the county are needed. 
  Deacons' Caring and Sharing Ministry: Need Assistance?
If you or someone you know needs services that might include food, a ride to an appointment, an errand completed, someone to sit with a family member, a phone call or visit, please call the church office (302.994.5646)
  ZINGO'S Receipts Needed
Please keep those ZINGO’S receipts coming in!
  Piano / Organ Lesson Opportunities  
Do you want to learn how to play the piano or organ? Do you know someone who would like to learn? 
Please contact Lydia Bak, our organist, by email.
  Summer Camps
Church Camp for children

Camp Johnsonburg in New Jersey
Bible Conference/Church Music Conference
Massanetta Springs, Virginia
Scholarship funds are available from our church to help those who would like to attend camp and conference events at Johnsonburg or Massanetta Springs.
  Pastoral Visits
If you or someone you know would like a visit from Pastors Bruce or Carolyn, please call the church office (302.994.5646) or email the Pastors

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