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Food Closet




Food Closet Shopping List

Peanut butter, medium size
Jelly or jam, medium size
Macaroni & cheese dinners
Spaghetti/pasta, 1 pound boxes
Spaghetti sauce
Canned meats, tuna, chicken, 
Canned juice
Canned soup
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables
Canned pork & beans
Instant potatoes
Rice, 1 pound bags
Dry cereal (non-sugared)
Powdered milk, box of 1 quart
Jello/pudding mixes
Personal items, such as toilet 
   paper, shampoo, soap, and 

Food Closet Donations for January, 2015: $221.00

From January 1-January 26, 2015: 
Food Closet gave out 12 bags of food feeding 14 adults and 11 children. 

Your donations make a difference!

  The number of families we’ve been able to help is truly wonderful, and 
keeping the closet filled is one way we can all walk in faith no matter 
what we can afford to give. Please take this shopping list with you 
when you go to the grocery store and add one or more items to your 
basket for local families who are in need.

We can only accept non-expired food items. Please check expiration dates before donating items.
Monetary donations (tax-deductible) are also needed, and checks 
should be made payable to "LPC", and marked "Food Closet".

Please keep those ZINGO’S receipts coming in!

Your deacons appreciate your help and generosity.
Thank you!


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